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Update on current projects

We are currently working on multiple projects and need funds to be able to finish them.

Our first project is for the monitoring and protection of 60+ rhinoceroses in South Africa. This project will require the installation of multiple trackers on rhinos and other game in the reserve. Linked to multiple gateways covering the all reserve, we will be able to track the animal 24/7 in near live view. The goal is to insure all rhinos are well and alive; and create a Digital Twin reserve that will help us learn more about the behaviour of the animals.

Our second project is to help with the quality and treatment of water in a reserve in South Africa. In a dry savannah, knowing the ressource available is a necessity. By studying the water need for the animals, the quality and level of the water... Animal will be tagged to better understand the need of the reserve as well as their behaviour.

Our third project is oto help human/elephant cohabitation in Gabon. By installing trackers on elephant and a gateway system in villages, we will be able to know when the animals are coming close and use pacific response to change the course of the elephants. With sensory and auditory means we can block the elephant to enter into villages and crops. Saving both human and animals in the process.

Our last project is with a global protection of all reserve in Ghana. Installing a full solution in every national game reserve. Protecting, studying and analysing animals, trees and water. Helping against animal and tree poaching. Recreating a safe heaven for animals.

We have a lot of work in progress and so much help is needed. If you want to help us you can donate here.

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