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The foundation

The Albanu Foundation was born from the unwavering commitment of Margaux Claret and her dedicated collaborators. They refused to accept the sad reality of a declining ecosystem, determined to act on this growing threat.


Margaux and her founding colleagues were deeply affected by the alarming disappearance of African elephants. In 2019, they expressed their fervent wish to see these majestic pachyderms thrive again. This desire eventually led to the creation of The Albanu Foundation in 2020.


The Albanu Foundation is committed to raising public awareness and taking concrete action to protect  endangered species, putting in place the necessary resources to face the multiple dangers that await them. Whether due to lack of water, habitat scarcity or the scourge of poaching, the list of challenges to be met is long, but the Foundation’s determination is even greater.


Innovation is at the heart of the Albanu Foundation’s approach to monitoring and protecting its precious   elephants. They set up miniature GPS beacons to track animal movements, drones to issue alerts in real time, and exploited the possibilities offered by the Internet of Things for effective communication.


Founded in 2020 by Margaux Claret and other founding members, its mission is to raise funds and raise public awareness in order to protect African elephants from lack of habitat, lack of water and poaching.


Our goals for the future will be to be able to protect most of the endangered species in Africa. For the last couple of decades the elephant population has seriously decreased due to loss of habitat, human conflicts and poaching in most of East African countries.

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