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Contrary to popular opinions, the main issue with Elephants in Southern Africa is not over poaching (as it is in eastern Africa), it is lack of habitat. Southern African countries have an overpopulation of elephants causing issues with national Parks due to a lack of food for those animals. More and more, National parks are facing the issue of crowd and not enough private reserve are created to welcome the overcrowding. This is where we will intervene.

Anti -Poaching



The Albanu Foundation is working on a new drone technology that will help anti-poaching units. The drones will help with guns and body 

detection, working day and night in rotation to provide a live feed of remote areas. It will be able to recognize anybody with thermographic cameras. Developed on stealth drones, flying higher than normal drones and without noise; they will be working on GPS, being therefore unhackable and reliable.

The Albanu Foundation will work on new tracking technology, such as tracking chips instead of using collars. Once this chip installed under any animal skins, the data collected will be sent through a block chain system, making it unhackable. Therefore, anti-poaching units as well as research teams will be able to track and share the location of endangered species (rhinos, elephants...).

To compensate to the over-crowding situation in southern Africa, the foundation wishes to acquire new lands and create its own private reserve with a lodge, using all the technologies at hand. With this reserve, we will be able to get elephants from other areas that are overcrowded, therefore helping those areas in order to avoid culling.



Protecting the Elephants

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