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The Albanu Foundation

Born of the spirit of commitment of activists such as Margaux Claret and her collaborators, The Albanu Foundation cannot live with the unfortunate reality of an impoverished ecosystem.


Affected by the alarming disappearance of the African elephants, the founders federated by the young photographer formulated in 2019 their desire to see these pachyderms flourish again and finally give birth to the organization in 2020.


The Albanu Foundation is raising awareness and deploying the necessary means to eliminate the ever-present threats, from raising awareness to saving the species it has made a mission to protect. Lack of water, lack of habitats, poaching: the list is long, but the Foundation’s determination is even more so, as shown by the innovative approach taken by the organization to ensure the follow-up of its beloved elephants.


Miniature GPS tags embedded on animals, drones responsible for alerts, communication through the Cloud, digital reserve with artificial intelligence…: The Albanu Foundation team decided to partner with professionals such as Silotron, InnoDeep, Microsoft and Anyvision to make the best use of the funds raised from governments



While elephants are the first species for which The Albanu Foundation mobilizes its resources, its supporters' designs extend to the vast lands of southern and eastern Africa: rhinoceros, giraffes, pangolins and many other creatures deserve our help.


At the origins of this vision, a long intellectual journey and especially a journey, like a revelation. When she set foot on the land of Africa for the first time in 2013, Miss Claret’s passion for fauna and flora was transformed into a need to take part in the emerging battles for the sustainability of this fragile nature.


It took no more than a few years and a training as a guide, at the end of which Miss Claret travelled to fifteen African countries, to give substance to the project embodying the values affirmed in 2013.


The conservation of the gentle giants that are elephants, the cornerstone of the objectives pursued by The Albanu Foundation, is accessible only at the price of a lot of skills and know-how brought from various horizons by its collaborators.


The alliance linking the Foundation to Albanu House is explained by the common foundation of values that unites them against ivory hunting, with elephant flesh orchestrated by private and malicious interests constantly gravitating around the animal.


It is thanks to the 10% donated to each sale of handcrafted jewellery signed by the House that the Foundation becomes able to fight for the largest terrestrial mammals.


Following this common thread, it became clear that the assistance of experts capable of assisting the organization was inevitable. Thus were born the partnerships between Silotron, InnoDeep, Anyvision, Microsoft and the Foundation, finally able to intervene faster and more effectively with an innovative technology to prevent the dramas that have too often known the creatures she loves.


The reality of this fight is fortunately becoming more and more known, so much so that some personalities no longer hesitate to commit themselves to the cause, like Alain Delon, Honorary Member of the Foundation.

Displaying this love of elephants for years, the Albanu bracelet he wears proudly never leaves him, just like the hope he cherishes of a better world for these creatures.

From the “mere good luck charm” to the sign of a peaceful and committed struggle, the actor’s jewel is the object of an enriching exchange to be found in the report retracing his life, where he speaks of this artisanal jewel as a symbol of attachment to gentle giants synonymous with wisdom.

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