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The Albanu Foundation

Born of the spirit of commitment of the activists Margaux Claret and her collaborators, the Albanu Foundation does not accept the unfortunate reality of an ecosystem that is getting poorer.

Affected by the alarming disappearance of Africa’s elephants, the founders federated by Margaux expressed in 2019 their desire to see these pachyderms flourish again and finally give birth to the organization in 2020.

From awareness raising to the rescue of species, which it has made a mission to protect, the Albanu Foundation raises awareness and deploys the necessary means to resolve the ever-present threats. Lack of water, shortage of habitats, poaching: the list is long but the Foundation’s determination is even more so, as shown by the innovation of the approach taken to ensure the follow-up of its beloved elephants.

Miniature GPS beacons on board the animals, drones in charge of alerts, communication through the Internet of Things: the organisation has taken the decision to partner with professional to make the best use of the funds raised from governments.



It all started with a journey. An harmless journey. A journey among so many others. In the summer of 2013, we set foot on African soil for the first time, and that changed everything. Passionate about flora and fauna for years, this African expedition was a revelation. 

A few years later, following a guide’s training in South Africa and multiple trips to more than fifteen African countries, our desire to turn to conservation was stronger than ever. This is where the idea of The Albanu Foundation came from. 

By combining our respective knowledge and profession we decided to set up this foundation and focus on the gentle giants that are elephants.


Why this choice? For several reasons; first of all the link with our company Albanu, a Monegasque jewelry house since 1928, working mainly the hair of elephants in compliance with the Washington convention for the protection of endangered species. The company specializing in the sale of luxury handmade jewelry is committed to return 10% of the profits of sales of elephant hair bracelet. Then for the love of the animal, this magnificent giant, hunted for so many years for his ivory, his meat… The tragic fate of the greatest mammal on Earth touches us particularly and we have decided to help fight for it. 

The Albanu Foundation develop innovative animal tracking technology. New technologies allowing a GPS tracking of the animal, by a secure system, retransmitted to fixed terminals or mobile terminals integrated on drones. 

This love of animals, and more particularly of elephants, is shared by our Honorary Member, Mr Alain Delon. For years, he has worn an elephant hair bracelet on his wrist that he never takes off. Through a report tracing his life, he explains his attachment to this «lucky charm» bracelet and to these gentle giants synonymous with wisdom.

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