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Albanu Wildlife Foundation

The Albanu Wildlife Foundation was born from the unwavering commitment of Margaux Claret and her dedicated collaborators. They refused to accept the sad reality of a declining ecosystem, determined to act on this growing threat.


Margaux and her founding colleagues were deeply affected by the alarming disappearance of African elephants. In 2019, they expressed their fervent wish to see these majestic pachyderms thrive again. This desire eventually led to the creation of The Albanu Foundation in 2020.


The Albanu Wildlife Foundation is committed to raising public awareness and taking concrete action to protect  endangered species, putting in place the necessary resources to face the multiple dangers that await them. Whether due to lack of water, habitat scarcity or the scourge of poaching, the list of challenges to be met is long, but the Foundation’s determination is even greater.


Innovation is at the heart of the Albanu Wildlife Foundation’s approach to monitoring and protecting its precious   elephants. They set up miniature GPS beacons to track animal movements, drones to issue alerts in real time, and exploited the possibilities offered by the Internet of Things for effective communication.


In their quest to maximize the impact of the funds collected, the Foundation has established strategic partnerships with experts such as Microsoft, Silotron, SSI/Inmarsat. These collaborations make it possible to make the best use of financial resources to carry out the mission of preserving and protecting elephants.


The Albanu Wildlife Foundation embodies an unwavering determination to address the wildlife crisis in Africa and to do everything in its power to ensure that elephants and other species can thrive and flourish again in their natural environment. Passion, innovation and collaboration are the pillars of this organization, guided by the belief that we can change the course of this sad reality for a brighter future.



While elephants are the first species to benefit from the Albanu Wildlife Foundation's resources, the vision of its supporters extends far beyond the vast expanses of Southern and Eastern Africa. Rhinoceroses, giraffes, pangolins, and numerous other creatures equally deserve our support.


At the heart of this vision is a long intellectual journey and, above all, a journey that was like a revelation. Setting foot on African soil for the first time in 2013, Miss Claret's passion for wildlife and flora transformed into a profound need: the need to engage in the emerging battles for the preservation of this fragile ecosystem.


In just a few years and following her guide training, after which Miss Claret traveled to approximately fifteen African countries, the project embodying the values defined in 2013 took shape.


The conservation of these gentle giants, the elephants, is the cornerstone of the Albanu Wildlife Foundation's goals. However, this has only been made possible through the diverse skills and expertise contributed by the organization's collaborators, acquired from around the world.


The alliance between the Foundation and Maison Albanu is based on a common set of values that unite them in the fight against elephant poaching for their ivory and flesh, a perpetual threat orchestrated by malevolent private interests that continually orbit around these magnificent animals.


It is notably thanks to the 10% contribution from the sale of artisanal jewelry bearing the Maison's signature that the Foundation is able to fight for the preservation of the largest terrestrial mammal.


Following this path, it became evident that collaboration with experts capable of assisting the organization was inevitable. This gave rise to partnerships with Silotron, Anyvision, Microsoft, Adobe, Princess Charlene Foundation and the Foundation, which are now capable of acting more swiftly and effectively through innovative technologies to prevent the tragedies that these cherished creatures have all too often experienced.


Fortunately, the reality of this battle is becoming increasingly recognized, to the extent that renowned figures no longer hesitate to commit to the cause, as exemplified by Alain Delon, an Honorary Member of the Foundation.


Displaying his love for elephants for many years, the Albanu bracelet he proudly wears never leaves his wrist, symbolizing his hope for a better world for these creatures.


From a simple lucky charm to a symbol of a peaceful and dedicated struggle, the actor's jewelry sparks enriching conversations, as can be discovered in the documentary recounting his life, where he describes this artisanal gem as a symbol of his attachment to these gentle giants, synonymous with wisdom.

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