The Albanu Foundation

Founded in 2020 by Margaux Claret and other founding members, its mission is to raise funds and raise public awareness in order to protect African elephants from lack of habitat, lack of water and poaching.

In order to preserve them, the foundation will use various technologies such as drones and electronic chips to monitor animals and combat poaching. The foundation will also participate in the preservation of their habitat while allowing them access to water. The foundation’s various projects are made possible through non-governmental funding and partnerships with African reserves.

Our vision:
In the long term, the objective of the foundation is to protect all the threatened species of Africa and to ensure them a good cohabitation between man and wildlife.



In 2016, following various trips to South Africa, Margaux Claret began a safari guide training. Upon her return to Monaco, she wishes to continue working on the protection of wildlife in Southern Africa. 

After months of reflection, she decided to create a foundation to protect the elephants of Southern Africa. The starting point of the foundation is the creation of a partnership with the Monegasque company Albanu founded in 1928. The company specialising in the sale of luxury handmade jewelry agrees to commit to return 10% of the profits of sales of elephant hair bracelet, once the foundation is in operation.

Albanu, which respects the Washington Convention, is now the only company in Europe to have the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) to market elephant hair jewellery. By purchasing an Albanu bracelet, a CITES is provided to attest its traceability, durability and legality.

The foundation was supposed to be launched in 2020, but due to the covid-19 crisis, the foundation’s development was slowed down and it was not until 2021 that the first projects were rolled out. 

In April 2021, Alain Delon became an Honorary Member of the foundation. For years, he has worn an elephant hair bracelet on his wrist that he never takes off. Through a report retracing his life, he explains his attachment to this “lucky charm” bracelet and these gentle giants synonymous with wisdom.

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