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From the magic of Mother Nature to the elegance of an ethical art craft

The elegance of bracelets of a most honorable symbolism

When Margaux Claret, founder of «Albanu Wildlife Foundation», tells us about the wildlife dear to her heart, we cannot fail to be seized by her passion for the elephants of Africa that she seeks to protect at all costs.
It is easy to understand why this talented young photographer did not hesitate to bring her stone to the building initiated by the jeweller René Albanu in 1928.

Composing each of his works from African elephant hairs collected by veterinarians during elephant care, the Albanu House wants to be unique. This ecological and respectful approach to animal welfare is the cornerstone of the jewel of elegance that is the range signed by this house.

The «lucky bracelets», adorned with gold, steel or even diamonds, awaken the senses as well as the imagination with a sober touch.

Indeed, to the softness of the caresses that the braiding of a great finesse applies to the skin is added a strong symbolism that the house Albanu can be proud of.

Animal Welfare and a Sustainable Approach: Albanu’s Caring Ethic

The ethic that carries the brand has made its way to the hearts of many creative enthusiasts with impeccable aesthetics, such as Alain Delon and the Prince of Monaco.

Indeed, the exceptional know-how of the artisans of Albanu is at the service of the necessary preservation of endangered species.

By donating 10% of the profits from each sale to its foundation, the brand wants to build the worthy legacy that these wonderful pachyderms deserve, so that they continue to be a source of inspiration.


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