Discover the new collection in collaboration with Albanu. 

50% of the profit of this elephant hair collection is donated to the foundation. 


Beyond the wonderful symbolism of the African elephant, it is the gravity of the disappearance of this creature whose fragile ecosystem demands survival that has convinced the Albanu Foundation to continue its efforts and even extend them.

From an attempt to rescue and accompany the continent’s pachyderms towards a harmonious and sustainable way of life with the species they live alongside, of which man is a part, The Foundation’s mission has evolved into an initiative covering all threatened species on African soil.



Main Project

The Albanu Foundation partnered with NGS-DRONE on a new tracking technology that will help anti-poaching units. 


A new tracking technology through a secure network that will give GPS coordinate of the animal via fixed terminals and/or mobile terminals installed on drones; know as the GUARDIAN system. Developed and patented by NGS-DRONE, the GUARDIAN is a terminal linked to monitors, IOT chips, vehicles... relaying the datas live from either a fixe or a mobile terminal. 



The Albanu Foundation in partnership with NGS-DRONE worked on new tracking technology, a tracking chip instead of using collars.


The IOT Chip will be put on a "tail ring" around the tail of the elephant. This chip will be linked to the GUARDIAN system on fixed and/or mobile terminals all around the reserve. It will be particularly helpful for researcher studying migration as the fixe terminal will be solar panelled and can be put all around. 


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