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Discover the new collection in collaboration with Albanu. 

50% of the profit of this elephant hair collection is donated to the foundation. 


Beyond the wonderful symbolism of the African elephant, it is the gravity of the disappearance of this creature whose fragile ecosystem demands survival that has convinced the Albanu Foundation to continue its efforts and even extend them.

From an attempt to rescue and accompany the continent’s pachyderms towards a harmonious and sustainable way of life with the species they live alongside, of which man is a part, The Foundation’s mission has evolved into an initiative covering all threatened species on African soil.




Taking care of a creature as wonderful and imposing as the elephant without becoming an obstacle to its fulfillment is not easy.

To accompany him in his daily life, The Albanu Foundation has surrounded itself with collaborators whose know-how is a discreet window but well open to their world

Through the eyes of a swarm of drones deployed by The Albanu Foundation we are able to prevent the tragedies too often orchestrated by unscrupulous poachers.

Our solution is also the first step of the foundation towards the realization of a broader design: to protect the endangered species of an Africa that sees its biodiversity die a little more day by day.



Inhabiting the places of wandering, beyond the area that the reserve keeps under its protection, the dangers waiting for the elephant are numerous. The stealthy technicality of our solution is, in this respect, a precious help since it is the crystallization of the discreet prudence that the foundation needs to carry out its mission.

Far from the heavy constraints that were hitherto represented by the location collars imposed on the animals, the miniaturized trackers, developed in association with the south-african company Silotron, are an alternative combining comfort for its wearer and efficiency for the creature’s tracking team.


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