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Discover the new collection in collaboration with Albanu. 

50% of the profit of this elephant hair collection is donated to the foundation. 


The raison d'être of the Albanu Wildlife Foundation is to protect elephants and rhinos using cutting-edge tracking technologies. We firmly believe that these iconic species of the world’s wildlife must be preserved for future generations. Through the application of new technologies such as GPS geolocation, environmental sensors and advanced data analysis, we can more effectively and accurately monitor the movements, behaviors and habitats of these animals.


Our foundation is committed to fighting poaching, habitat loss and other threats to these species. By using these innovative technologies, we can detect illegal activities, identify areas of risk and put in place appropriate protection measures. In addition, we work closely with local authorities, communities and partner organizations to promote conservation and raise public awareness of the importance of preserving biodiversity.


Ultimately, our goal is to ensure a sustainable future for elephants and rhinos, where they can live in harmony with their natural environment and contribute to the ecological balance of our planet. The Albanu Wildlife Foundation strives to advance the conservation of these iconic species through innovation, collaboration and unwavering commitment to wildlife protection.




The Albanu Wildlife Foundation is dedicated to pioneering a groundbreaking new technology that aims to simplify the daily monitoring of elephants and rhinoceroses by anti-poaching units and researchers dedicated to studying endangered species.


After extensive consultations with organizations on the ground, it became clear that a technological revolution in the field of monitoring was essential. Currently, the tracking collars in use are costly, bulky, and lack adequate lifespan, necessitating a rethinking of the entire tracking system.



The innovative concept of the AWF centers around the use of cutting-edge technologies to actively combat poaching, with a particular focus on protecting elephants and rhinoceroses, severely endangered species.


Animals respond in distinct ways to various situations, and by studying behavioral patterns using artificial intelligence, it’s possible to recognize unique behavior patterns. 


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